Slide Nowadays Compliance Programs have a central role within the organisation of businesses.

[Compliance Programs]

Nowadays, having an adequate Compliance Program in place is one of the minimum requirements of a business organisation. This is one reason why Compliance Programs are gradually being included within major companies’ approval conditions for clients and suppliers, in particular when such companies have direct or indirect contractual relations with the Public Administration.

We can help with:


Comparing the current organisation of the business with the regulatory standards set out by the criminal legislation in order to identify the risk areas relevant to the organisation.


Reviewing the operating procedures followed within the company in order to identify the risk factors that could lead to a criminal offence.


Drafting a criminal risks prevention report
not only setting out the above-mentioned aspects but also including the relevant proposals to change or adapt the company’s procedures. In addition, this report serves to design an initial Plan for a Criminal Prevention Program that can be successively used by the company to develop their annual plans as well as measures to prevent criminal offences.


Document templates.
Together with the prevention report, the client will be provided with the templates required to document the prevention measures adopted so that adequate traceability standards for such measures are met.


Training sessions
with the company’s staff in order to explain the meaning, scope and value of the measures adopted, as well as the obligations relevant to each of the members of staff depending on their position, so that optimal levels of effectiveness are achieved.